A series of 4 SJ points shows will take place at Wood Nook over the Winter months. Points will be awarded for whatever class you jump, the horse and rider combination that has accumulated the most points by the end of the league, will be awarded the league trophy at our AGM in March. Points can be accumulated by both members & non-members. Each class awards you the same points, each horse & rider combination may only enter 2 classes, this does not include the Clear Round, which you can enter as many times as you like (time permitting).
Points are awarded as follows:
1st Place = 10 points
2nd Place = 9 points
3rd Place = 8 points
4th Place = 7 points
5th Place = 6 points
6th Place = 5 points
Clear Round is £5; Classes are £6 members and £8 non-members

Nervous and Novice Clear Round - 30cm height, no fillers, no spreads.
Class 1: 30cm - No fillers or spreads. 2 rounds, 2nd round over a shortened course against the clock, rosettes to 6th place
Class 2: 45cm - No fillers or spreads. Rounds, 2nd round over a shortened course against the clock, rosettes to 6th place
Novice Clear Round - 60cm height, fillers at the side of the jumps
Class 3: 60cm - Fillers at the side of the jumps.
Class 4: 70cm - Including fillers
Class 5: 80cm - Including fillers
Class 6: 90cm - Including fillers

Dates are (Sundays): Oct 15th, Nov 26th, Jan 14th and Feb 25th. All entries will be taken on the day.
[ Schedule ]
We got off to a good start this year with our joint team with Colne Valley Saddle Club – Mix and Match – coming 2nd in the 45cm team event at Wood Nook Arena on 8th January. The team consisted of Kirsty Johnson on Sootie, Jenny Wood on Gucci, Danni Shaw on Bambi and Isabelle Hardy on Patch. There was an exciting jump off for 2nd place with Isabelle Hardy securing the place for our team.
(Footnote: Danni used to ride my Bambi – of Bambi Memorial Trophy – as a teenager so very happy that her new horse carries the name on. I hope Bambi 2 proves to be as fantastic and versatile as my Bambi was.)
If you'd like to be in a club team either locally or in a British Riding Club competition please contact Hannah Pedley.
We're still on the lookout for some deep shelves to store boxes on (up to 8' wide and 8' high) so give us a shout if you come across any free or cheap. If you feel the club would benefit from any new equipment (at moderate cost!), please speak to a committee member. We also would welcome the help of anyone who likes to keep things neat and tidy!
The Committee is busy organising some exciting events and will hopefully have some details by the February monthly meeting. This is another good reason for coming along to the meeting. These include :-
Working Hunter Clinic at Turbury Arena, Greetland
We hope to offer private, semi-private (2 people) and group sessions (up to 4 people) with an instructor.
Showing Masterclass
This would be with people who are well known and respected in their specialist showing area. There would be an opportunity to book a showing lesson with them or people can pay to watch the showing demonstrations and classes.
Cross Country with Sue Chadwick at Crosland Hill
Sue's course should be ready to use by Easter.
Shows and Competitions - Provisional dates for 2017
27th August Annual Show
1st October Fun Show
3rd December Christmas Extravaganza, Wood Nook
We're always on the lookout for new venues – particularly as the ground seems to have been getting wetter and wetter over the last year or 2. If you can offer a field or arena for an event please get in touch.

We always appreciate offers to help organise events so if you've an idea of a club event you'd like to get involved in organising please come along to a club meeting and discuss it or speak to a Committee Member. This may be a social ride, competition, training or social event.
Our BRC rep, Hannah Pedley, has put a team together for Team Dressage at Bold Heath Equestrian Centre, Cheshire on Saturday 5th November. We wish them the best of luck. Whilst we have the minimum required helpers there's always room for more and it would give the helpers a chance to get a break. If you'd like to go along to help, watch or find out more about BRC competitions get in touch with Hannah on 07714 763460. Lifts will be available. There is now a place on this team to do prelim 2, please contact Hannah urgently if you are interested.
Ever fancied trying dressage but you don't feel comfortable with people watching you, or maybe you don't have transport or your horse doesn't like to travel? Well why not try Interdressage. All you need is access to an arena with dressage markers, a camcorder or smartphone, get someone to video you and upload it to the website. An experienced judge will then give you a detailed score sheet with helpful comments and advice. There are also rosettes to 6th place and prize money. On top of that they run a league for British Riding Clubs so points are awarded to everyone who enters from our club with a prize for the best club at the end of the year and we'd get our photos in Rider magazine! The year starts in October so perfect timing to start collecting points. They have their own tests which you can download for free, they range from walk and trot, walk, trot and canter to showing classes (freestyle) and even have a class restricted to horses that "live out"! Click on this link to take a look.
If you are planning to enter please let Annette Modena and Hannah Pedley know via email ( and so they can help with your entry and make sure that the club gets the points.
Kirklees Bridleways AGM, Wednesday, 1st February, 7.00pm, Meltham Golf Club. Following the business part of the meeting there will be a presentation by Graeme Bruce of Darwin and North Bolton Bridleways Association – Equestrian Access Mapping Overview. This will be hands on, showing you how we can record the routes we ride on, on our phones – so make sure yours is fully charged.
If you'd like to go with someone to the AGM contact Sal Horsfall.
If you'd like to join Kirklees Bridleways Group and get updates on their activities and discounts on bridleways rides see their website - subs are due now - £5

West Pennines Bridleways Association meets regularly and organises events at Friezeland in Greenfield just over the hill in Saddleworth. They do much to keep bridleways open and can advise on some excellent rides which you can box to in half an hour from Slawit including the Pennine Bridleway. If you'd like to know more or get involved speak to Rachel or ring Mrs Jean Tennant on 0161 665 3536.
These have been running throughout the summer from May to September and have been a great opportunity to practise your skills with support and encouragement. For some it was their first competition for themselves and/or their horse before facing the stress of a larger show. We've seen some big improvements in both horses and riders, in part as a result of the advice of our lovely judges. May we extend a big thank you to all our judges and helpers who've given up their time to make these events possible. Thank you also to the sportsmanship of the competitors and their families which made the evenings friendly and enjoyable.
Make sure your hat meets the new guidelines issued this year by BHS – don't wait until the Annual Show. A word of warning - whilst you would expect a retailer to advise you about this, don't assume they will! A member recently purchased a new hat assuming she would not be sold one that didn't meet current standards. She then found she was unable to enter the BRC Area Qualifier following the hat check.
BSEN 1384 (1997or 2012) and EN1384 (1996) are no longer acceptable unless they also comply with an additional standard. Please look at this guide if you are unsure. It's a good idea to buy a new hat every few years anyway and essential if it's taken a knock. If you go to a reputable retailer they should measure your head to ensure a good fit and be able to advise you on standards.
If you're planning to enter BRC Qualifiers you need to read the rules in more detail as hats are checked and tagged for you to be allowed to enter. No hats with peaks will be allowed in the Cross Country phase of any BRC Competition.
For more details check the British Riding Clubs website.
Don't forget if you join in our social rides you will be awarded one of our beautiful tartan rosettes which come in 2 sizes depending on the length of the ride (the smaller for up to 5 or 6 miles). Not only this but your miles for the year will be added up with a chance of winning an extra special rosette for clocking up over 50 miles of club social rides. As we've been thwarted by bad weather over the last year we will add the miles earned over the past year to this year's total.
As at all our events (apart from the bigger shows) we will be looking at turnout to allocate points towards our Annual Turnout Trophy. We're not looking for show standard but turnout appropriate to activity and as always high vis is essential for social rides.
If you would like to lead a ride around one of your favourite riding routes suggest a date to Rachel or Pat (having checked our events list first). Or maybe you've got a few hours to spare and fancy riding out with a bit of company. If you contact us we may be able to design a ride convenient to you. We'll just need a few days' notice to advertise it on Facebook in case anyone wants to join us. This could be midweek.
Don't get caught short at events at Greystones Farm. The club has hired a toilet for the season which will be regularly cleaned. It's situated behind the container next to the arena.
Think of your horse as a vehicle. Follow the Highway Code, ride on the left hand side of the road and follow road markings. You may ride on rough verges but don't give riders a bad name by riding on pavements or trimmed verges. Obey road signs.
Maria has offered to run a First Aid course for club members. It will be a 12 hour course to be delivered over a number of sessions. It will be geared towards providing First Aid for horse riders at shows and there will be a certificate at the end of the course. We are running this so that there will be more qualified people able to assist at club shows. Please can people register their interest now so we have an idea of numbers and we can then arrange dates to suit everyone. More details will follow soon.
Ever wondered what's involved, how to get started, whether it's something you and your horse can do? We're hoping to have a speaker at our April meeting (on the 5th) to explain what it's all about. We'll then follow this up with some practical training on 2nd July. Some of you may remember Marie Watson, our former Training Officer who (sadly for us) now lives in the Lake District. Marie won the National Indoor Trec on her lovely old horse, Apollo, on whom she gave us a demonstration a number of years ago. She made it look so easy! However, there are various levels of competition and it's something most of us could have a go at. Basically it's based on having an obedient horse capable of dealing safely with obstacles you may encounter out riding plus finding your way around when hacking out – something we'd all benefit from!
Maria has offered to organise another visit to Penny Farm at Blackpool. It's well worth a visit to see the amazing facilities and discover the stories behind the rescued horses. And there's a café! No doubt we can incorporate a visit to the seaside at the same time. Maria has also offered to arrange a visit to Happa (Horse and Pony Protection Association). This is a bit closer to home, being on the Hebden Bridge side of Burnley - and it also has a café as well as a Tack Shop.
Ring Maria on 07714 795590 if you're interested in a visit to either or both these rescue centres.
As you may be aware, Pole Moor Riding Club has raised thousands of pounds over the years for charity. This year will be no exception and we've got a few ideas in the pipeline. Sarah and Rachel are planning a rock gig with a very popular local band... so watch this space! We're also hoping to organise a Race Night so if you're interested in helping to get this off the ground or have any other ideas please get in touch or come along to our February meeting to share them.
For those wishing to go further afield, Ride Yorkshire organise guided rides at varying locations in the Yorkshire Woldsand North York Moors. They can also advise on holidays and accommodation with your horse. Contact
We will continue to make some show jumps available at Greystones Farm so you can practice for the Fun Show. Hire fee will be £5 per person (1 or 2 people may use them at the same time) for up to 1 hour and for the next month the arena fee for members will be waived when they pay to use the jumps (up until the Fun Show.) You can pre book by using the diary in the plastic box by the arena entrance. (To make most use of time come a bit early to set them up - and don't forget to put them back afterwards.)
PMRC has been supporting World Horse Welfare for many years. They recently celebrated 25 years at Belwade in Scotland which takes horses in from as far afield as the Outer Hebrides. You can visit the Centre to see the fantastic rehabilitation work they do if you're on holiday in Aberdeenshire.
The charity also works around the world. A new scheme in South Africa supplies Care Boxes with first Aid and preventative treatments to enable working horses to be better cared for.
Subs were due on 1st May so to ensure you qualify for reduced fees at all our events please make sure you renew asap. You can download a membership form from the membership page which needs to be returned to Annette with a cheque for the appropriate fee. Membership includes British Riding Clubs Membership and Rider Magazine.
Senior Riding (18 years & older) £18
Junior Riding (12 - 17 years) £14
Junior Riding (under 12 years) £10
Non-riding or 60 years and over £14
Whilst we use a professional First Aid Company for the Annual Show, our Risk Assessment allows us to have volunteer First Aiders at smaller events. BRC ask that they have completed the 3 day First Aid at Work Course. We would therefore very much welcome volunteers who've undertaken the course. This may be you or a friend, work colleague or family member. We'd also like to hear from you if you'd be prepared to attend the course if the club organised and funded it to enable you to be a volunteer First Aider at our events.
As a member of Pole Moor Riding Club you are also amember of Area 3, (North West) of the British Riding Clubs which entitles you to receive the BRC Rider Magazine andmany discounts.You will need to produce your membership card to get members rates at other affiliated clubs.
We will be sending reps to the Area Meeting on 10th November and hope to see members entering Area Qualifiers next season. Details can be found on the BRC website.
Regular Training in both jumping and dressage will be organised in the spring at Greystones Farm. We have a variety of show jumps to broaden your horse's experience. The arena is 20 metres by 40 metres with an excellent surface and dressage markers. Sessions will be for all levels of rider/horse so you'll all be able to sharpen your skills before the show season gets underway. We also hope to generate interest in competing in team and individual events in Area Competitions.
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